Malaysia islands

Top five Malaysia islands

Malaysia is known as the country of exotic islands and beautiful beaches. If you are also planning for a stunning trip in beautiful resorts, tropical forests and diverse traditions, nothing can be better idea than preferring any of the Malaya island(s). The main feature of excitement in these islands is colored coral reef and crystal clear water sheet. Many spectacular temples and eye catchy destinations for adventure sports will enhance your excitement far more. Here is the list of five very attractive Malaysia islands.

Pulau kapas

As per the meaning of the name of this island (cotton island), the soft white beach is comparable to cotton. It is the first preference for those adventure sportsmen who are planning for scuba diving and snorkeling because the crystal clear beautiful water retains excellent variety in marine life.


As it is situated in a significant trade route of the country, it is called as oriental pearl. The island is famous for its world class cuisine, lovely tradition and diverse culture. One should not forget taking a auto rickshaw ride here to see lovely temples, spectacular hotels, colonial buildings and eye catchy mansions. Street shopping, riding through a cable car and snake photography in snake temple are must do things here.


If you are willing to see a variety of exotic fishes, hammerhead sharks and coastal turtles, you should visit to the east coast of Malaysia, Sipadan.


The powdery white sand and clear blue water are main features of Redang. Coral reef in the island is home to various fish species such as nemo, jelly fish and baby sharks.

Perhentian islands

Closer to the Thai border, this awesome beach is famous for cheap hotels and beautiful beaches. The tropical jungle forms most of the island terrain

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